Prachya has his first date (June 05, 2006)

Thai linesman Prachya Permpanich will get his first taste of World Cup action this Saturday in the game between Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden in Dortmund. Prachya learned of his opening assignment when Fifa released the opening assignments for their approved officials.

Nakhon Pathom's Prachya passed his final fitness test last week and will officiate in his first outing with Singapore referee Shamsul Maidin and second assistant Eisa Ghuloum, from the United Arab Emirates.

The trio have been spending time with each other in order to build a rapport ahead of the game.

Prachya, 44, is secretary of the FAT's referee comittee. He has been an official for more than 20 years. Argentinian referee Horacio Elizondo will officiate the opening game of the month-long competition between hosts Germany and Costa Rica this Friday.