V-League needs to learn from Thai-League, says Calisto (12/09/2011)

It is the advice of the former coach of the Vietnamese national football team, Henrique Calisto. He said that Vietnam and Thailand are not far from each other, but the gap between the two national football champions is very wide.

He told Tuoi Tre Daily: “I’ve been working in Thailand for seven months. I have seen the great difference between V-League and Thai-League. Thai-League’s stadiums are always more crowded than V-League’s stadiums. Fans go to stadiums to enjoy real football festivals. They shout for encouragement for 90 minutes. They buy jerseys or souvenirs of their FCs. Stadiums are very clean and qualified. Football games at Thai-League have better quality than V-League. Football players also have better techniques.”

“Thai invest highly in organizing task. In other words, their organizational skills are higher than Vietnam’s. I think Vietnamese sports correspondents or football event organizers in Vietnam should go to Bangkok to witness how Thai’s do, because there are many things that V-League needs to learn from Thai-League,” he added.

Coach Calisto said that though he doesn’t work in Vietnam but he has kept up with Vietnam’s football through the Internet.

“I was very sad to know that Dong Tam Long An downgraded from the V-League to the First Division tournament. I had a close attachment to this FC since its establishment and contributed to creating and building its brand. At the current circumstance, I cannot explain the FC’s downgrade, but I think that the club’s managers would know how to bring the team back to the V-League soon.”

Asking him about how Thai football officials deal with football games that are doubt to be match fixing, Calisto said: “Since I join the Thai-League, I’ve never heard of match fixing. It is good for Thai football. I think not only in Vietnam but anywhere, if football managers do not find out effective ways to destroy match fixing, football will die because the audience will not go to stadiums and sponsors will turn their back. We have two options: you have to seek to kill it or it will kill our football.”

Source : http://www.lookatvietnam.com/2011/09/v-league-needs-to-learn-from-thai-league-says-calisto.html