Worawi sues paper for defamation (07/07/2011)

Worawi Makudi, president of the Football Association of Thailand, is taking legal action against a newspaper for defamation.

In a suit filed with the Criminal Court, Worawi is seeking 10 million baht in damage from Hot Score sports daily, the newspaper said yesterday.

The defendants named in the suit include Hot Score boss Pichai Pituwong and editor Apisit Apisuksiri, two of Worawi's vocal critics. Both are also hosts of several radio and TV programmes.

In an interview with Thai Rath Online yesterday, the FAT president said his reputation has been tarnished by "two columnists" who he said made groundless accusations against him including one which claimed that he improperly sold World Cup tickets at stadiums during last year's finals in South Africa.

Worawi, who is also a Fifa executive member, said the unfair accusations hurt his family.

Pichai said in a statement yesterday that he had performed his duty according to journalism etiquette and will fight the case until the end.

"I always have respect for Khun Worawi but we at Hot Score have to fight," said Pichai.

"We have performed our duty in a straightforward manner so that our readers know the truth."

Source : http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/sports/245830/worawi-sues-paper-for-defamation