Vindicated by Fifa, Worawi to sue over 'ruined reputation' (31/05/2011)

Caretaker chief of Thai football Worawi Makudi, currently in Switzerland attending the 61st Fifa Congress, said he feels a sense of outrage despite being absolved of allegations of corruption, which he claimed had severely damaged his reputation.

"I am still angry at the turn of events. The charges against me were very serious, but groundless. [The episode] has ruined my reputation globally. It also affected my family, since they were made to feel uncomfortable after the allegations.

"I never did what [David Triesman] accused me of doing - asking for TV rights. The talks we had were just a direct discussion between two organisations. I gathered all the documentary evidence, which includes a letter from the English FA expressing its inability to send an England team to play in Thailand.

"We had no need to request TV rights since Fifa regulations clearly state that the rights belong to the host country.

The caretaker president of the Football Association of Thailand also said he would go ahead with his plan to file a lawsuit against Lord Triesman in a British court to seek justice and salvage his reputation.

"After being cleared of any wrongdoing, I call on the Thai media to publish my side of the story and help protect my reputation as well as the country's.

"I would also like the media to examine Triesman's background and ask why he had to resign from his post as [English] FA chairman. Last week, my lawyers sent a letter to the UK parliament, asking for justice in the case.

"In the letter, I also asked Triesman to speak out in public, which would give me a chance to defend myself. I am determined to take court action against him, and will not give up until justice is done," said Worawi .

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