BANGKOK (28 May 2011) – Former TV sport anchor Kasiti Kamalanavin has thrown his name into the hat for next month’s election for the post of president of the FA of Thailand (FAT).

Kasiti, who was previously the consultant with former Tourism and Sports minister Suwit Yodmanee, will be up against incumbent Datuk Worawi Makudi, former Thai Port FC club president Pichate Munkong and former Thai team manager Virat Chanpanich for the election rescheduled for 17 June 17.

In a letter sent to Thai member clubs and the press, Kasiti said he would address the two main issues should be get elected for the top football job in Thailand – the management of domestic competitions and national team.

“Our football league competition lacks fairness. Some teams become victims of bias, while others gain advantage by getting a favourable schedule. The performances of our national team are quite disappointing and the FAT management lacks transparency,” said Kasiti.

“All of these has left fans disappointed and led to calls for change. However, when the time came for the election of a new FAT president, there was cronyism, which is not good for the development of the game.

“That’s the reason why I came to the decision to run for the post. I’m neutral and not in favour of anyone. I’ll run the association transparently and make our national team one of the best in Asia.”

Kasiti was confident that he could win the post when contacted by Kom Chad Luek newspaper.

“When you join in any race, you must have hope that you would win it. I would have not jumped in, if I didn’t I have a chance to win. I just want the member clubs to vote in the interest of the country. This would be a question of whether they really want to see changes in our football structure,” he added.

“By now, I have at least 10 votes from the clubs to which I am close. I think I could get more support from the clubs who have yet to decide their vote. I believe my policy to put emphasis on equality would win over the members .”

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