BANGKOK (22 April 2011) – Despite being challenged by Pichate Munkong, the former chairman of Thai Port FC, incumbent Datuk Worawi Makudi is confident that he will be able to retain presidency of the FA of Thailand.

The election for the top football post in the kingdom is set for 6 May 2011.

Pichate announced this week that he wants to take over the position from Datuk Warawi because of the several uninspiring results of the Thai national team over the last few years.

He pointed out that the Thai U23 side was knocked out of the group stage of the 2009 SEA Games while the national team was eliminated in the preliminary round of the Suzuki Cup last year.

“Many clubs and most fans want to see a change in the country’s football management. I believe that I have the backing of many eligible voters,” said Pichate.

But Datuk Worawi said he was not worried about Pichate and is confident that he will be-elected where he feels that he has enough backing from the voters.

Datuk Worawi argued that in spite of the results of the national side, he had initiated several football development projects and that the local Thai league had become more popular under his leadership .

Source : http://www.aseanfootball.org/?p=4621