New soccer body to oversee Thai team (21/12/2010)

Football Association of Thailand secretary general Ongart Kohsinkha says the FAT board will meet on Friday to discuss the creation of a committee to oversee the national team .

The organisation is facing a credibility crisis following a dire run of results for the national team, culminating in their firstround exit at the Asean Championship earlier this month. Fans have staged two organised protests over the last fortnight, calling for the resignation of FAT president Worawi Makudi.

Ongart stated that the organisation had paid close attention to the team's slump and come up with the idea for the committee in an effort to improve their onfield performance.

"We're certainly not neglectful of the team's problems, and we are seeking a solution. The first stage is to create the committee, which will directly oversee the management of the team.

"After it gets approval, we will start work right away," said Ongart.

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