Charnwit in charge of Asian Games and pre-Olympic teams (May 5 2006)

Charnwit Phalajivin will be head coach for both the Asian Games and pre-Olympic soccer teams, the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) announced yesterday. Former coach of the pre-Olympic team. Prapol Pongpanich, will now become a staff coach.

Secretary general of the FAT, Worawi Makudi, said it was felt it would help continuity if Charnwit was in charge of both teams.

Kasem Jariyawatwong will remain as the pre-Olympic team manager while the Asian Games manager will be Thavatchai Sajakul.

Worawi also said it was likely the qualifying round for the Olympics would be moved forward to September.

''We will have to start training as soon as possible,'' he said.