Youth focus in World Cup mission (August 02, 2006)


The Football Association of Thailand met yesterday to thrash out the route to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. They have devised a plan to nurture young talent in a bid to reach the tournament.

Secretary general Worawi Makudi said a 'future national team' would be assembled from all over the country with 26 players selected aged 15-16.

Players will also be included from the JMG Academy in Chon Buri.

Worawi also outlined a younger team, aged 10-11, with 26 players.

All 52 would be sent to a training camp in either Japan, South Korea or Europe, with the FAT picking up the tab for the expenses.

''To prepare the team the FAT has agreed to use foreign coaches to instill the basic skills in the development of the youngsters from the beginning,'' said Worawi after the three-hour barnstorming session.

''The coaches will be from the Netherlands, France and Brazil.''

''We hope this plan will be useful for all those involved.

''After they return from abroad then hopefully we will have players ready for selection for the national team.

''It depends on the experience they have gained.''