Thailand drawn against Macau (August 07, 2007)

Thailand will face Macau in Bangkok on October 8 in their first match on the long road for qualification to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The home-and-away knockout round is part of Asian qualification for the tournament.

The pair were pulled out of the hat together in Kuala Lumpur yesterday during a draw that threw up a number of interesting encounters.

Asian Cup champions Iraq have been slotted against Pakistan and will play the first leg away, while sixth seeds Bahrain. will square up against Malaysia.

After the draw, Thailand head coach Chanvit Phalajivin said World Cup qualification was now his main focus.

'''This is an urgent task for the team and we have to put aside the preparation of the SEA Games and focus on the World Cup qualifying round,'' he said.

''We must not underestimate any team because every team can play a close game with each other.''

Chanvit said he would now talk with the FAT to work out a plan to give the players the best preparation possible.

''I need at least 10 days of training for the first leg at home and a week for the away match in Macau.''

The coach will call at least 25 players _ mainly from the Asian Cup squad _ to participate.

FAT president Worawi Makudi said a meeting will be held on Thursday to discuss the best way forward.

''If we want to go to the World Cup then we must pass every team,'' he said.

''We have to co-ordinate with Thailand League clubs to release the players for the national team. We have to talk with the staff coaches first.''

From the 19 teams that clear this round, the lowest eight based on ranking move on to the second round and the other 11 to round three. The five top seeds Australia, Korea Republic, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Iran join the qualification process in the third round.

The first round will take place on October 8 and October 28 while the second round is scheduled for November 9 and November 18.

The draw for the third round will take place in South Africa, on November 25.


1) Pakistan vs Iraq; 2) Uzbekistan vs Chinese Taipei; 3) Thailand vs Macau; 4) Sri Lanka vs Qatar; 5) China vs Burma; 6) Bhutan vs Kuwait; 7) Kyrgyzstan vs Jordan;8) Vietnam vs UAE; 9) Bahrain vs Malaysia; 10) Timor Leste vs Hong Kong; 11) Syria vs Afghanistan; 12) Yemen vs Maldives; 13) Bangladesh vs Tajikistan; 14) Mongolia vs DPR Korea; 15) Oman vs Nepal; 16) Palestine vs Singapore; 17) Lebanon vs India; 18) Cambodia vs Turkmenistan; 19) Guam vs Indonesia

Match days October 8, (home leg) And October 28 (away leg)


1. Australia 2. South Korea 3. Saudi Arabia 4. Japan 5. Iran 6. Bahrain 7. Uzbekistan 8. Kuwait 9. North Korea 10. China 11. Jordan 12. Iraq 13. Lebanon 14. Oman 15. UAE 16. Qatar 17. Syria 18. Palestine 19. Thailand 20. Turkmenistan 21. Tajikistan 22. Indonesia 23. Hong Kong 24. Yemen 25. Vietnam 26. Kyrgyzstan 27. Maldives 28. India 29. Singapore 30. Sri Lanka 31. Malaysia 32. Taiwan 33. Bangladesh 34. Macau 35. Pakistan 36. Afghanistan 37. Mongolia 38. Guam 39. Nepal 40. Cambodia 41. Bhutan 42. Burma 43. East Timor